Activists demand special treatment

Radical gender activists often demand special treatment. The Daily Wire reports this is still the case as the world faces the Covid 19 pandemic.

Transgender individuals, awaiting “gender reassignment” surgeries, are teetering on the precipice of outrage after discovering that doctors and hospitals consider such surgeries “non-essential” and will be postponing them indefinitely in order to better prepare for a possible onslaught of coronavirus patients needing hospital beds and critical care.

Across the country, hospitals have cut down dramatically on the number of scheduled “non-essential” surgical procedures, urging patients to reschedule elective surgeries, procedures that can be delayed, and even dental procedures, so that hospitals can keep beds free and preserve equipment, should they be hit with a wave of patients infected with the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.

Most reasonable people accept this, despite many being disappointed that their conditions cannot be treated at this time.

Elective surgery refers to non-life-threatening conditions. Just because they can be scheduled in advance and are not life-threatening doesn’t mean they are not painful or debilitating. Many people suffer from kidney stones, need knee or hip replacements, or surgery for their hernias. Many feel a desperate need to be operated on as soon as possible because of the pain they experience.

Gender reassignment procedures are non-life threatening and are also classified in the elective surgery category. But many transgender people feel entitled to the surgery and have no qualms demanding they be treated immediately, despite vital hospital beds needing to be kept for emergency situations during this pandemic.

Kirralie Smith, Binary spokeswoman expressed dismay with the attitudes of some.

“Every single person is affected by Covid 19 in some way. Freeing up medical resources and staff to attend to those suffering from coronavirus is reasonable and sensible. Life-threatening and essential surgeries must take precedence over elective surgeries such as gender reassignment procedures.”