ABC diversity propaganda

The tax-payer funded ABC has introduced new ‘diversity’ guidelines that disadvantage women and place a heavy emphasis on gender diverse people.

A World War I drama about Gallipoli produced for the ABC would be required to focus on “diversity” among Diggers, including a 50 per cent female cast and Indigenous lead actors, under new guidelines announced by the national broadcaster today.

The ABC’s new “Diversity and Inclusion Commissioning Guidelines”, which come into effect from today, cover screen content across genres including drama, comedy, children’s, factual and entertainment programs.

The guidelines generally require that TV content must be “about under-represented communities, backgrounds and experience”, or include at least one main cast member who is Indigenous, from a “diverse” background, disabled or identifies as LGBTQI+.

Additionally, at least half of the main cast and crew must be female or identify as “gender diverse” – the ABC had previously set a goal of 50-50 female representation among on-air news talent by the end of last year.

“Gender diverse” representation usually cuts into the female quota, robbing women of their full 50%, as men who pretend to be women can also be included in the category.

The new guidelines are all about social engineering and ignore the fact that real life is not reflected accurately. The ABC want programs to be all about the minority groups.

For non-scripted shows such as documentaries, the new guidelines say the content must “explicitly and predominantly (explore) issues of identity relating to under-represented groups, including Indigenous matters, gender (or) cultural diversity”, or have a “specific focus on LGBTQI+ communities, people with disability or other under-represented groups”.

There are more than twice as many non-English speaking people and people living with a disability in Australia than those who identify as LGBT, but the ABC is emphasising a disproportionate representation anyway.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said it is just another example of government-sponsored indoctrination.

“As a tax-payer funded service the ABC should reflect, not dictate, what audiences want to watch. Disproportionate emphasis on radical gender ideology, especially in children’s programs, is unwarranted and unnecessary. If people want adult content about radical ideologies they can pay for it themselves via privately-owned companies.”