A UK child may have ‘mother’ removed from birth certificate.

Every day there are more examples of radical gender ideology being promoted over and above science and biology.

It has been reported by The Sun that a UK baby could be the first to have no ‘mother’ recorded on their birth certificate.

Reporter Jon Roberts wrote that “The baby at the centre of the case was born to a woman who has since undergone surgery and lives as a man. He now wants to be recognised as the father or parent on the child's birth certificate.”

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith said, “Only a woman can gestate and give birth to a baby. Regardless of how the mother feels about herself, she is still a mother, not a father. To deny this is to deny scientific fact. This will have long-lasting, far-reaching consequences. Such a decision does not take into consideration the rights of the child to a mother a father. The child has a right to accurate information for their genetic, medical and psychological well-being.”