A non-binary tomato ad

Local university students have created a ‘woke’ cartoon style ad that has been posted by Devon & Cornwall Police in an attempt to promote diversity and inclusion. 

A TOMATO walks into a bar but leaves red-faced because it doesn’t want to identify as a fruit or a vegetable.

The minute-long clip, posted online by Devon & Cornwall Police as part of a hate crime awareness campaign, portrays the ordeal of the apparently non-binary tomato as it attempts to enjoy a night in the Salad Bar.

A bouncer in the form of broccoli mocks the tomato for not being able to identify as a fruit or veg, and the tomato is downcast because it can’t choose which bathroom to use. Finally the tomato sees some graffiti stating “tomatoes ain’t no fruit.” 

The tomato ends up calling the police – a blueberry with a rainbow badge – to report a hate crime.

It is told by the policeman: ‘Reporting makes a difference. By reporting hate crime when it happens, you can stop it happening to someone else.” 

While of course graffiti is a crime, the rest of the ad has been widely criticised.

Former policeman Harry Miller of campaign group Fair Cop told The Mail on Sunday: ‘It is beyond absurd. This is why the British public are losing respect for the police. ‘Police can’t say they don’t have time to attend burglaries yet at the same time be championing the rights of tomatoes.

‘They are serving a woke political agenda at the expense of dealing with actual policing matters.’

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, agreed.

“This is nothing but virtue signalling. It is a poor attempt to appear woke and appease radical gender activists. The real issue in these gender wars is that biological reality is ignored or labelled a ‘hate crime’ because it hurts a few people’s feelings. Facts matter and that is what police ought to be concerned with.”