A new insult for those defending biological reality

The Scottish government is paying public servants to create new insults for people who defend biological reality and are accused of being a part of a ‘hate group’ if they question the ideology.

Those critical of gender theory are to be branded "FARTS" which stands for “feminism appropriating ridiculous transphobe” according to a publicly funded “trans 101 course”. TERFs is still an acceptable slur as well. TERF stands for “trans exclusionary radical feminists”.

In addition to childish name-calling, attendees need to ask for people’s pronouns because it is apparently “impossible to know a person's gender by looking at them.”

A slide shown in the presentation reads: “While they hate all trans people, they attack trans women especially aggressively as trans women challenge TERF's view of biological essentialism around the identity and experience of womanhood.

“They also have an unhealthy fascination with trans kids and work especially hard to make the lives of trans kids miserable, usually under the guise of protecting cisgender kids.”

Other slides shown in the presentation, and shared by the Telegraph, describe biological sex as a medical term used to reinforce white supremacy and gender oppression. 

Female and male bodied are also outdated terms which negatively reinforce gender.

Despite science proving biologically differences between males and females, especially when it comes to sport, the government indoctrination program claims there is “virtually no difference” between the performance of transgender women and biological women in sport.

For Women Scotland campaign group director Susan Smith said the content was shocking.

“How are women to believe that civil servants, potentially including those drafting legislation like gender recognition reform, have any care for our rights when they are being trained to call us offensive names and told we are hate groups?

“On top of this, the material manages to be highly offensive and inaccurate about gay people, transsexuals and those with DSDs [differences in sexual development].

“Perhaps the Scottish Government think they are above the Equality Act and other laws on discrimination in the workplace – they are not."

According to a spokesman for the Scottish Government the course is not compulsory.

It added: “This was not an official Scottish Government training event and is not part of the SG Diversity and Inclusion curriculum.”

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said the course should be scrapped.

“This course content is offensive, false and damaging,” she said. “Gender ideology is being presented as fact at the exclusion of women’s rights and sex-based reality.

“How can any government think this is an acceptable use of public money?”