A mother’s impassioned speech

Watch this powerful speech by Erin Friday, a left-wing mother of a de-trans child and member of the Democratic party in the US, who is opposed to gender affirmation treatments for children.

Friday is addressing the California State Assembly as they consider becoming a ‘refuge’ for children who want to transition. The state wants to by-pass parental consent and allow children to undergo medical interventions that are irreversible and harmful such as causing infertility along with brain development and bone-density issues. 

Friday refers to parents who have lost custody of their children simply for calling them by their birth names and sex. She highlights the fact some gender activists don’t even have children of their own despite campaigning for children to transition.

This mother appeals to the fact that many other countries are now banning medical intervention for minors. She says,  

“You need to be 100% confident that sterilising children is truly lifesaving.”

“We parents know it is a social contagion as we watch clusters of friend’s groups come out as trans. It’s not organic.”

“If trans medicine prevents suicide, why then as trans medicine gets more prevalent, are more girls committing suicide? Why are they suffering from severe depression, engaging in self harm?” 

Her final plea to the committee is, “Do not make California a refuge for what will be seen as the largest medical scandal in history.”