‘An open letter to Australian doctors’

Paediatrician Dr Dylan Wilson has written an open letter to Australian doctors, imploring them to re-consider referring children to gender clinics.

Wilson refers to the furore surrounding tweets Liberal candidate Katherine Deves made regarding surgical mutilation and sterilisation of children. He states he would not refer children to gender clinics and that Deves was correct in her assertions.

“There is a simple reason why Ms Deves tweeted about children being surgically mutilated and sterilised. It’s because children are being surgically mutilated and sterilised,” wrote Wilson.

The doctor describes the pathway that gender confused children are placed on in Australia and raises some important considerations.

The problem is the puberty blockers and the problem is this:

Paediatric endocrinologists in gender clinics in Australia and around the world are taking a cohort of physically healthy children and they are suppressing the puberty of these children at its earliest active stage, Tanner Stage 2. Puberty for these children is never allowed to progress. The bodies of these children are frozen forever at this stage, even though they are growing chronologically older. Contrary to the popular belief, puberty blockers are not a “pause”. We now know that at least 98% of children who commence puberty blockers continue along the affirmative pathway onto cross sex hormones. 

When gender clinics say puberty blockers are reversible they are telling a truth, but they are being disingenuous. When they say puberty blockers are a “pause” to give children time to think, they are certainly being economical with the truth. They know that those children are now set along this pathway. There is no pause. There is no reversal.

The paediatric endocrinologist then takes that body, frozen at the physical state of early puberty, and masculinises or feminises that body, depending on the child’s sex.

They are creating a cohort of adults with children’s bodies, just adulterated by testosterone or oestrogen.

Dr Wilson explains that children placed on this pathway cannot develop fertility or full sexual function.

He warns of great harm to children and says, “They have been committed to a lifetime of hormone-induced iatrogenic disease by doctors at our children’s hospitals…. They are inducing iatrogenic disease. On purpose. Not as a side effect, but deliberately. In what other circumstance would this be considered acceptable? Within endocrinology, can you imagine another similar circumstance?”

“The aim of paediatrics is to ensure children reach adulthood as healthy as possible. Paediatric gender endocrinologists take physically healthy children and commit them to a lifetime of medicalisation,” Dr Wilson lamented.

He then goes on to explain that several countries around the world, including the UK, have begun to reconsider their approach due to a lack of evidence and data to support the affirmation pathway.

Dr Wilson accuses the Australian child gender industry of being rooted in ideology, not medicine. He recently joined an online conference to learn more about the recommended pathways and was shocked to discover there were no warnings or concerns even discussed.

This paediatric doctor labelled what is happening to children in Australia at the hands of the gender ideologues as a “scandal”. He concluded that the reason he is speaking up and risking a backlash is because “Right now, in Australia, there are children, teenagers and adults among us who have been committed to this lifetime of medicalisation. I want to make sure there aren’t any more.”

Kirralie Smith, spokeswoman for Binary, commended the doctor for speaking out.

“It is time for medical professionals to ask questions and demand more evidence for the pathways that are causing irreversible harm to our children,” she said.

“Ideology should never replace scientific data when it comes to providing care for children.

“Enough is enough and it is time this debate was entered into thoroughly and vigorously for the sake of the children.”