Help fuel the legal defence fund to fight against the coordinated effort to silence me, which they hope will silence you.

Rather than engage in debate on the issues, which they know they can’t win, gender activists are opting instead to silence and intimidate their opponents. They have shown they will use any means, including taking out Apprehended Personal Violence Orders (APVOs) against me for campaigning for the rights of women in sport.

They know to get to you, they have to come through me.

But they weren’t counting on you and I fighting back and defending the truth. 

Your generous support to reach Binary’s $125,000 legal defence fund will help cover legal costs to fight and defend against these unfair and unjust allegations.

By giving today:

  • You will fund a legal defence to fight back against the APVOs served on me in order to intimidate me and silence you; 
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This is your chance to fight back and defend biological truth.

You and I can’t let them win this. There’s too much at stake!

Yours in celebrating men and women,

Kirralie Smith
Binary Spokeswoman