You can help expose this radical agenda

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You can help expose this radical agenda

It’s so important that we make sure people know what is at stake this election.

Bill Shorten was the Education Minister who first funded the radical ‘Safe Schools’ sex and gender program – imagine what will happen if he is Prime Minister??

We’re not waiting to find out! 

That’s why we’ve got our mobile Drag Queen Storytime billboard driving around Labor electorates in Western Sydney every day until Election Day. 

And why we’ve printed tens of thousands of Drag Queen Storytime flyers to be letterboxed in key seats. 

Friend, these efforts will help raise awareness, but so far, we have barely scratched the surface of what is possible on social media.

Your gift today will fund a $25,000 Drag Queen Storytime social media campaign which will put this message in front of hundreds of thousands of Australians in the crucial final week of the campaign.

So please give your best gift today, for the sake of our children.