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I have read and understood the following guidelines about political donations in Victoria and it is my responsibility to disclose within 21 days to the Victorian Electoral Commission.

  • Donations from foreign donors are banned; as are anonymous donations of $1,000 or more.
  • The maximum amount any one donor can contribute to Binary Australia’s Victorian campaign is $4,320.
  • Donors must disclose donations worth $1,080 or more, made in a financial year, via the VEC website. This disclosure must be made within 21 days of giving that donation.
  • Before disclosing donations, donors must be registered on the VEC website.
  • If a donor contributes multiple gifts totalling more than $1,080, but each individual gift is less than this amount, donor must disclose each donation once the $1,080 threshold has been exceeded.

For all information regarding Political Donations in Victoria, please see Binary’s Privacy and Donation Policy and visit the Victorian Electoral Commission website.

$ 100.00
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