Take action against ACT Labor/Green’s extreme gender laws

Take action against ACT Labor/Green’s extreme gender laws

The ACT Labor-Greens government has introduced radical laws to the Legislative Assembly which expose parents, therapists and counsellors who don’t wholeheartedly affirm the desire of a child to transition from their biological gender.

 But you can take action today and call on your local representative to vote against this dangerous bill.

Under the proposed law, any

  • therapy or care for a child that doesn’t affirm their desire to transition their gender will be illegal
  • counselling of a child which seeks to explore possible underlying causes or reasons for the child’s request to change gender, will be illegal and could result in criminal charges against a parent or a school psychologist or counsellor
  • only one option is allowed under the new law – the one that agrees with the child and facilitates their gender transition.

This is a dangerous law that will pit children against families and tear families apart.

What’s more, the government is using the Coronavirus pandemic as a reason to rush through the laws without proper consultation with the local community.

Here’s what you can do to help…

The ACT Legislative Assembly is voting on this legislation this week.  

Please email to your local representatives, letting them know that this law is dangerous and breaches the rights of parents to care for and make decisions for their own children.  

It’s important that you let the ACT Legislative Assembly know your views about this issue by sending an email to your local representatives.

Together we can make a stand for parents’ rights!

Kirralie Smith
Binary Spokeswoman