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October 04, 2022

Girls banned from their own bathroom

Randolph Union High School in the US has reportedly banned 10 girls from using the female bathroom after they objected to changing with a biological male.  The girl’s female volleyball team were told they could use a single stall toilet to change if they felt uncomfortable. The school appears to be more concerned about one boy’s feelings than the girl’s privacy and dignity, launching an investigation into their objection.  Students have been encouraged by their parents to speak out about the situation. "My mom wants me to do this interview to try to make a change," female volleyball player Blake Allen told the outlet. "I feel like, for stating my opinion -- that I don’t want a biological man changing with me -- that I should not have harassment charges or bullying charges. They should all be dropped." Allen added that when students have gone to the school about their concerns, they have been told that state law allows for transgender students to change in the locker room based on their gender identity. Officials reportedly told parents that the school provides "plenty of space where students who feel uncomfortable with the laws may change in privacy." "They want all the girls who feel uncomfortable -- so pretty much 10 girls -- to get changed in a single-stall bathroom, which would take over 30 minutes. Where if one person got changed separately, it would take a minute, like no extra time," Allen told WCAX-TV. The relevant school policy states, the "use of restrooms and locker rooms by transgender students requires schools to consider numerous factors" while also saying that a "transgender student should not be required to use a locker room or restroom that conflicts with the student’s gender identity." Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said the policy is detrimental to females. “Transgender policies are at odds with female sex-based rights,” she said. “Privacy and dignity should be awarded based on biological reality, not ideological fantasy.  “Boys can use the single stall room and leave the girls alone. It is common sense and it is the only right and respectful solution.”

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