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July 23, 2022

WA taxpayers to fund a biased transgender panel

West Australian tax-payer funded organisations are committed to indoctrinating children into radical gender ideology. A panel has been created to teach children and parents how to claim ‘victim’ status if anyone attempts to discuss harmful and irreversible medical procedures around transitioning.

June 22, 2022

Unknown effects of puberty blockers on the brain

A newsletter from the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne (RCH) has indicated that now, after years of assuring families that puberty blockers are reversible, a study will be undertaken, to determine the effects of puberty blockers “on the still maturing adolescent brain”.

May 24, 2022

Doctor guilty of prescribing wrong trans treatments

A tribunal in the UK has heard evidence against Dr Michael Webberley for wrongly prescribing trans treatments to at least seven patients. He and his wife Dr Helen Webberley ran GenderGP, an online clinic that has now been moved to Spain. He retired after being suspended for failing to provide appropriate care.

May 10, 2022

Surgeon plans womb transplants for men

An Indian doctor has announced a plan to continue the erasure of women, facilitating extreme appropriation for men who want to identify as women. Dr Narendra Kaushik wants males to be able to access the wombs of dead women or donors so they can “feel as female as possible”. The operation is yet to be successful but is committed to seeing it happen.