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December 06, 2019

Trans activist rejected by gynaecologist

OBGYN’s are obstetrician gynaecologist doctors who practice medicine focussed on the female reproductive system. They spend years gaining their medical degrees and then even more time studying the physiology and medical intricacies of child-bearing, menstruation, menopause, female hormones, the uterus, ovaries, the cervix and other female specific organs. It is not rocket science, OBGYN’s are doctors who specialise in women’s health.

December 03, 2019

Misdiagnosed as transgender

British woman, Debbie Karemer, says that her seventeen-year attempt to live as a male was a huge mistake. She believes she was incorrectly diagnosed and rushed into transition. The results were devasting for her as she was injected with hormones, had her breasts removed, and fake genitals surgically fashioned. She is now also bald and has a beard.