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April 07, 2021

Fearless Professor stares down the angry mob

Cancel culture has reared its ugly head again. The director of graduate studies in the Gender & Women’s Studies Program at the University of Rhode Island, Professor Donna Hughes, is being targeted for criticising ‘trans-sex fantasy’.

February 19, 2021

Pre-schoolers targeted by radical gender activism

Only About Children, a childcare centre in Warriewood West has blamed the NSW Children’s Guardian after it was called out for promoting gender fluidity to three-year-olds. One family even went as far as to remove their child from the centre.

February 18, 2021

Researcher is taking this university to court

Psychotherapist James Caspian is taking a university to court for rejecting his bid to study the concerning phenomenon of de-transitioners. Bath Spa University claims his attempt to do his Masters degree on the topic is "too ethically complex for a piece of research at master's level".