Strange Angel is a powerful account that counters the trans narrative

Tori Rosenbaum is an Australian mother of two girls currently identifying as male. She has recently published a book and website where she shares her story and insights.

Strange Angel is a moving account and discussion that invites others to connect with her to fight the radical gender agenda impacting young people in our nation.

I’m a mother to two daughters. Both my daughters are currently identifying as male – for different reasons. They have been seduced by the Script. This Script is a series of unquestioned assertions. It is passed around in chat-rooms, on Discord channels and sub-reddits. The Script convinces vulnerable young women into believing that there is something wrong with them – they were born female. But there is a cure. And that cure is a ‘gender transition’.

Tori is campaigning for open discussions and investigations to protect children from further harm. She is advocating for a waiting period on medical transitions, greater medical review and a stop to threats for those who question the narrative.

“Silencing valid concerns does not protect our vulnerable trans-kids from harm. And questioning assertions does not constitute an attack upon the entire trans-community,” Rosenbaum writes in Strange Angel.

The concerned mother also encourages all Australians to be concerned about these issues.

“...we need the Village to step up. Because the Village has skin in the game here. If we cave to weaponised suicide threats and continue to allow vulnerable teenagers unrestricted access to a dangerous procedure that will not solve their underlying problems, we will be applying a poisonous bandage to a festering wound.”

Her goals are clear:

To create a safe space for young people to establish their identities – free of the pressure of peer contagion

To reinstate safeguards around gender transition in the State or Territory where you live

To help vulnerable young women avoid gender transition remorse

To safeguard their Human Right to a Family Life, regardless of whether they choose to exercise it.

To approach gender transition from a public health perspective.

To start the difficult conversation about the recent explosion in young women identifying as male, how to differentiate the label-fluid from the trans, how to protect their rights and their mental health.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said many people think it can’t happen in their family.

“This is an important campaign and book that all Australians must be aware of,” she said.

“Children are exposed to trends and powerful suggestions on social media, and in their schools, that can lead to untold harm.

“It is crucial to understand what is happening and what we as parents and citizens can do to counter the trans narrative that is capturing too many of our young people.”