Stop the lies and protect our kids

Stop the lies and protect our kids

Stop the lies and protect our kids

Currently, young people in Australia facing gender confusion are funnelled into rushed, extreme treatments to enable them to ‘transition’. There is insufficient counselling and support examining the underlying issues at play… and it’s only getting worse.

Radical gender activists continue to push for more extreme treatments, laws that remove the influence of parents, and regulations that will limit the ability of doctors to address genuine mental health issues.

We cannot let this happen – and your gift today will help to inform more Australians about the lies being peddled by power-hungry activists who want to de-gender our society.

Your gift today to help meet the $72,000 investment goal by October 31 will help to call for a Federal Senate inquiry into medical transition practices for youth – so that the truth can be revealed and young people can be protected.

This is a critical time in the battle for binary gender, so thank you for giving generously!

Kirralie Smith
Binary Spokeswoman

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