Sport Round Up: Girls are the losers once again, but some are fighting back

Chelsea Mitchell is arguably the fastest girl in Connecticut, but the track records fail to reflect this as males who appropriate female stereotypes fill the top spots. Mitchell, along with three other female athletes, will challenge the unfair athletics policy in court.

“At the end of the day, this is just about fairness,” Chelsea Mitchell told The Post. “This is about biology.” 

The 20-year-old is fighting for the integrity of women’s sports after she lost more than 20 races over the course of her high school career — thanks to a Connecticut policy that allows transgender athletes to compete in girls’ sports.

Mitchell is teaming up with fellow Connecticut residents Selina Soule, 20, Ashley Nicoletti, 19, and Alanna Smith, 19, who ran high school track in the state at the same time she did.

The four athletes are suing the Connecticut Association of Schools and the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference, for the sake of other girls who are disadvantaged by the policy.

“I wanted to give voice to my story and help other girls out there so that they wouldn’t have to experience this,” she said.

The girls were constantly cheated out of qualifying positions that could have enabled them to gain scholarships and win prestigious awards.

No one is saying trans athletes can’t compete, they can. They can compete according to biological reality or create a specific division for them. There is absolutely no reason for males to compete in the female divisions.

ICONS Women continue to out males competing in female divisions by tweeting out the details and honouring the girls who are missing out due to these bad policies.

Every parent and girl’s privacy and safety concern was also realised when it was revealed an 18 year old male got naked and showered in a girls high school locker room.

The school simply emphasised it was allowed under the state and school policy.

Girls’ rights to privacy, dignity and safe spaces is being trampled by males who appropriate female stereotypes. These males are being given preferential treatment to enact their fantasies while females are penalised, bullied or censored for sharing their concerns.

Such policies act as a deterrent to speaking out, objecting to the policies or even participating in sport. Girls and women are losing coveted positions, privacy and safe opportunities all for the sake of appeasing people who insist we believe the lie that a person can change their sex.