Speech Pathology Australia partners with ACON in compelling speech

An Associate Lecturer in Speech Pathology has sent out an email to Mid Coast NSW Speech Pathologists urging them to take part in ACON training to be better allies to LGBT+ identified patients. 

The University of Newcastle Department of Rural Health are proud to partner with ACON to provide FREE PRIDE training via Zoom to our allied health professionals in the Manning & Great-Lakes and Port Macquarie - Hastings regions on Tuesday 30th July from 12-4pm via Zoom.

ACON is a fiercely proud community organisation and a global leader in community health, inclusion and HIV responses for people of diverse sexualities and genders.  Their PRIDE training has been developed following over 35 years of history working with LGBTQ+ communities and 10 years of delivering specialised inclusion programs. This workshop is an opportunity to increase your awareness of the LGBTQ+ community, further your confidence in allyship and support you to foster respectful relationships with your community. PRIDE training is developed and delivered by LGBTQ+ community members and is specifically designed for health care providers. 

In actual fact ACON advocates for the erasure of women through language and the promotion of males who identify as women in single-sex spaces, services and sport. The tax-payer funded organisation encourages participants to avoid using the terms male and female, claims transwomen are women, and wants the words ‘mother’, ‘breastfeeding’ and ‘cervix’ replaced with vague terms such as ‘birthing parent’, ‘chest-feeding’ and ‘front hole’.

Speech Pathology relies on words, correct pronunciation, clear meanings and language overall. 

Why on earth is this organisation partnering with ACON who wants to change or erase language and compel our speech?

What kind of pathways are available to speech therapists who prefer the truth and accurate terminology? 

How will female (or male) speech pathologists be treated when they advocate for female sex-based rights, services, spaces and sports that are in direct opposition to ACON?

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