How you can protect parents’ rights at school

How you can protect parents’ rights at school

It’s been 2 years since the gay marriage plebiscite, and radical sex and gender programs have now infiltrated our schools.

The VIC government has sought to make these programs mandatory.  QLD’s parliament has kept the list of so-called ‘safe schools’ secret.

Within 24 hours, The Greens tried to ban our Anti-PC P&C Packs equipping parents to protect their kids against gender indoctrination.

Parents’ rights are being railroaded by the combined efforts of the state and gender activists – people who passionately believe they “know better” for our kids.

So, I’m inviting you to join me in a campaign to see legislation passed in every Australian state and territory to protect the right of parents: to know what their child is being taught and to remove them from classes with sexual content. 

Friend, this is not like our past projects.  This is going to be a long-term, ongoing commitment of at least 12 months.

Which is why our reaching the important target of $64,800 is so important – to enable us to get started drafting legislation to galvanise parental rights in law while building a national groundswell of support.

By giving toward this target today:

    • You’ll fund social media advertising to raise awareness and build an army of concerned parents
    • You’ll invest in market research to identify winning arguments and demographics
    • You’ll begin policy and legal research to start drafting legislation that can be introduced in state and territory parliaments.

Piecing together a bill whilst laying the groundwork for it will be no easy task.

But for the sake of our kids, we must start now.

So please give generously so we can reach the $64,800 target to begin the work required to see parental rights galvanised in Australian law.

Together, we can protect Australia’s children.

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I acknowledge that donations made to Gender Awareness Australia Ltd are not tax-deductible.