How you can protect kids from R rated literature

How you can protect kids from R rated literature

Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out includes descriptions of performing oral sex at 6 years of age, pedophiles masturbating, illegal acts and foul language.

This book is so graphic that several American states have banned it – and it’s being promoted to our youth in Australian tax-payer funded libraries! 

According to Australia’s classification board, books containing adult material “must be classified before being sold or advertised”.

“This includes material that is unsuitable for a minor to see or read, or material that is likely to cause offence to a reasonable adult.”

So please, help alert the classification board to this unclassified R rated book by taking 5 minutes to fill out this simple form on their website.

The board advises: “You can choose to submit any publication or printed material for classification” – so let’s get on it!

This publication should NOT be available to children and teens.

You can protect our kids by telling our classification board that it needs to be restricted.

Together, we can protect Australia’s youth.