Sign this petition to block the hostile Conversion Therapy bills

Sign this petition to block the hostile Conversion Therapy bills

Tell politicians to vote against legislation in SA and VIC that threatens children and could criminalise you.  

Add your name to the petition below to stop this kind of harmful legislation passing in VIC and SA, and from being adopted in any other state parliament...

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To the politicians in the SA and VIC parliaments:

I join with many other concerned parents, grandparents, citizens and voters who support the Binary movement to call on you as one of our elected representatives in parliament to vote against the Conversion Therapy billbeing proposed in the SA and VIC parliaments.

When it comes to helping our children understand who they are, we base our position on facts, reality, science and biology – coupled with compassion.

No one wants or is advocating any harmful coercion practices of the past.

In fact, we don’t advocate ‘conversion’ at all – we advocate acceptance of biological reality and supporting people through that process to celebrate who they are.

We believe that the Conversion Therapy bills offer very vague definitions of conversion therapy that are too broad and imprecise.

These bills discriminate in favour of gender transition treatments which involve chemicals, hormones and invasive surgical practices that can leave young people sterile and rob them of the chance to have children of their own. 

Our society accepts that children shouldn’t drive cars, drink alcohol, get tattoos or vote – and so they shouldn’t be able to make drastic decisions to undergo life-altering procedures so young and alone. 

With these points in mind, please vote “no” on the Conversion Therapy bills.