Tell Dan Andrews: Get your trans target OFF our toddlers

Tell Dan Andrews: Get your trans target OFF our toddlers

Woke bureaucrats and politicians like Dan Andrews keep targeting our kids with transgender lies.

Now they’ve set their sights on brainwashing our toddlers and preschoolers.

They want to teach kids as young as four that they can choose to be a boy or a girl. Or better still, somewhere in between.

This is dangerous.

It threatens your children’s mental health.

Make a stand today against this dangerous plan. 

Sign the petition calling on Daniel Andrews and James Merlino to scrap this outrageous proposal.


Dan’s Latest Attempt to Teach ‘Transgender’ to Your Kids

Placing radical gender ideology in preschool curriculums is just the latest move by Daniel Andrews and James Merlino to teach ‘transgender’ ideology your kids.

First it was ‘Safe Schools’…

Then ‘Drag Queen Story Time’…

Then ‘The Genderbread Person’…

And just like before, you and I are going to have to fight to stop them.

Take action today against this radical plan.

I’ll sign the petition!►


Why Is This Happening?

This plan is being cooked up by education bureaucrats and will be rolled out across the country.

This is the same ideology that has seen a non-binary unicorn join The Wiggles.

It’s the same ideology that encourages biological boys who claim to be ‘non-binary’ to use the girls’ toilets and changerooms at schools.

As one education expert said…

“Why can’t children learn finger-painting and play? We should just focus on kids enjoying being children.”

Take action today against this radical plan.

I’ll sign the petition!►


Why We Need to Just Let Kids Be Kids

Preschool and kindy kids don’t need this dangerous content in the classroom.

Toddlers are boys or girls.

They AREN’T:

  • genderless
  • genderqueer
  • bigender
  • genderfluid
  • omnigender
  • pangender
  • two spirit
  • or transgender.

No. This is a sneaky plan to push a radical transgender agenda.

It’s an attempt to ‘prep’ children for primary school.

You can fight back today by signing this petition.

Don’t let the woke bureaucrats and politicians get away with this one – or they’ll go further.

Let’s tell them children of just four or five are too young for the transgender agenda.

Act now to stop Dan’s plan for transexual toddlers – and his latest attack on your parental rights.

He’ll put your son in a dress, and your daughter on hormone-blockers.

He’ll ruin their lives.

Take action today against this radical plan.

10,000 signatures

Will you sign?

To Victorian Premier Dan Andrews and Deputy Premier and Education Minister James Merlino,

As a parent and concerned citizen, I just want kids to be free to enjoy being kids.

I’m standing up with many others to protect toddlers and preschoolers from the harmful trans ideology you are promoting.

At four or five, our kids are too young to be exposed to the “non-binary” trans gender agenda.

The biological truth is that kids can’t choose to be a boy or a girl or something in between. They’re either one or the other.

Stop this dangerous indoctrination from spreading across the country like a disease. It will harm our children’s mental health.

Don’t expose kids to lies and confusion that will put my son in a dress or push my daughter onto hormone-blockers. It will ruin their lives.

I demand you stop this plan to teach children as young as three the dangerous lies that they can swap genders, when it’s scientifically and ethically wrong.