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Your help is needed today to say NO to the radical gender theories being taught as fact to our children in school classrooms – without any parental consent.

You can help raise a strong voice today through this petition to say you want protection for you and your children – by having the Parental Rights Bill rolled out in your state and right across Australia.

Because right now, radical legislation and flawed ‘conversion therapies’ laws are marching across Australia … first in QLD, then ACT and now VIC and SA which criminalise parents for exercising their parental rights.

In NSW, one politician is drawing a line in the sand – and he’s out to help all Australians.

An Upper House MP has been chairing a parliamentary inquiry into education and developed a bill that says schools should get back to basics, and that our children should be protected from harmful and radical ideologies by getting gender-fluid indoctrination OUT of the education system.

The Parental Rights Bill says that parents should be able to care for and nurture their own children without threats from the government or misguided ‘conversion therapy’ laws.

No-one wants or is advocating for any harmful coercion practices. Harmful ‘conversion therapy’ practices are virtually unheard of in Australia. But gender activists have resorted to mentioning treatments that were abandoned 40 years ago to feebly attempt to justify their position. Of course, these extreme measures must be outlawed, and they have been long ago.

Flawed ‘conversion therapy’ laws are really an attack on your parental rights.

Parents should be able to nurture and care for their children without threats from the state about how to best raise their own children.

The law must reassert the rights and role of parents in the moral, ethical, political and social development of our children, so that no school has the legal right to teach material in those fields against the parents’ wishes.

Thanks to friends like you raising your voice in the past, we’re one step closer – because the NSW Parliamentary Committee now supports the Parental Rights Bill.

But now this Parental Rights Bill will go to the Legislative Council for debate – and that’s why your voice must be heard today.

Sign this petition now to tell government leaders that you want legislation like this Parental Rights Bill adopted right across Australia – to protect parental rights and say NO to radical gender indoctrination in our children’s classrooms.

Dear State Premiers and Chief Ministers,

The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights indicates the education of a child is primarily the responsibility of the child’s parents.

And the right of parents to have the primary responsibility to educate their children must be kept paramount to ensure our children’s well-being.

So I’m calling on you to stop the aggressive push of radical gender ideology in our schools, because it is trampling on parental rights, and putting vulnerable children at risk.

I want to see legislation similar to the NSW Parental Rights Bill roll across Australia.

Parents deserve the right to know, and intervene, if a political ideology is being imposed on their children in schools. Schools must be restored to institutions that promote education, not political indoctrination.

Don’t criminalise a parent for counselling their gender-confused child, and for not affirming that their child should undergo dangerous medical treatments to transition. These still-experimental treatments include chemicals, hormones and very invasive surgery that can have irreversible consequences.

Together with many other concerned Australians, I’m calling on you to support legislation similar to the NSW Parental Rights Bill being adopted in every state across our nation – to protect parental rights and to say NO to radical gender indoctrination in our children’s classrooms.


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