One last hurdle before it’s lawful to take gender off birth certificates in Tasmania

The Tasmanian Legislative Council is preparing to send a controversial bill back to the House of Assembly.

The bill proposes to make biological sex markers on birth certificates optional, and allows teenagers 16+ to change their sex without parental consent and by just signing a stat dec.

It has been labelled ‘deeply flawed’ by the State Government.

The Mercury has reported on the opposing views held by activists and the governing party.

“The Bill clearly has the support of a majority of MPs in both houses so it’s time for the Government to bow to the will of Parliament and get this done,” said Transforming Tasmania activist Martine Delaney.

Delaney does not acknowledge that the bill has not been subject to review, critical analysis by legal experts, or community consultation.

A very small number of upper house politicians made more than 50 pages of amendments to the bill and only 8 votes were required to pass it.

“The Government is disappointed the Legislative Council has chosen to rush through legislation that remains deeply flawed in its operation and impact on other statutes, and has not undergone proper public consultation. It is grossly misleading to suggest otherwise,” said a State Government spokesman.

Kirralie Smith, spokeswoman for Binary, added, “More than 10,500 Australians have signed a petition to keep gender on birth certificates. Tens of thousands of emails opposing the bill were sent to MLCs. 71% of Tasmanians polled also opposed the bill.”

Smith hopes the government will move beyond talk and stand their ground. “The eyes of many Australians are on the parliament this week and we are urging these MPs to do the right thing. This bill needs a lot more consideration, analysis and debate before being passed. In its current form it can only result in bad law,” Smith warned.