How you can make parents’ rights enforceable by law

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How you can make parents’ rights enforceable by law

Radical gender activists are using the law to enforce their agenda onto our kids.

It’s time to fight back by getting lawmakers to make our parental rights enforceable by law.

Which is why I’m asking for your support to reach a crucial end-of-year target of $114,000 – to amass the kind of backing needed to make parental rights enforceable by law

By giving today:

1. You’ll fund crucial research
National polling to ascertain where everyday Aussies stand on the de-gendering of Australian society will arm us with invaluable statistics.

2. You’ll deploy targeted lobbying of members of parliament
We’ll bolster parliamentary opposition to widespread gender indoctrination by proving their constituents are not in favour of it.

3. You’ll provide Education Ministers with briefs by experts and parents
Providing policymakers around the country with the facts, we’ll make great headway in enshrining parental consent in various education acts.

4. You’ll enable the drafting of legislation
Experienced policy and legal researchers and political minds will draft legislation that can be introduced in state and territory parliaments.

Friend, we’ve built formidable momentum, but there’s so much more to be done if we’re to amass the kind of backing needed to get a bill passed. 

So please give generously today to reach the $114,000 end-of-year target – to do the work required to see parental rights galvanised in law.

Together, we can push back against the radical gender agenda for generations to come.