How you can be heard in the gender war

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How you can be heard in the gender war

Following on from our campaign success in May, radical gender activists are regrouping to retaliate forcefully.

Now is not the time to down tools.

The left are experts at turning a loss into multiple wins with cries of “Marginalization! Discrimination!”.

Labor and the Greens’ raft of radical election promises to the transgender activists may be dormant now, but it’s still deadly. 

Over the last 6 years, they’ve proved they don’t need to be in government to advance the transgender agenda in leaps and bounds. 

Powers combined, the left on both sides of politics have the numbers to advance the transgender agenda in Australia.

Unfortunately, the new government boasts a large number of so-called “modern Liberals” – Labor/Greens allies when it comes to the issues that you and I care about.

Some of them are even celebrated champions of the transgender agenda.

Which is why I am asking for your support today to reach an important

Make no mistake: these are going to be increasingly difficult times for people who believe as you and I do – that gender is binary, not fluid.

Vigilance is key; we cannot afford to grow complacent.

Guaranteed, following their election loss last month, radical gender activists will waste no time in raising a retaliatory outcry to influence public policy with their radical gender agenda.

By giving today:

  • You’ll facilitate the hiring of a part-time researcher to stay on top of the most recent developments de-gendering society.
  • You’ll produce resources for parents and school communities being confronted with radical gender ideologies.
  • You’ll fund social media advertising to build awareness of these issues and recruit new supporters to the cause.

Please give generously by 30 June to amplify your voice in the culture war. 

Together, we can hold and gain ground.