Help stop the radical gender activists – and protect our children

Help stop the radical gender activists – and protect our children

Your support today is vital in the fight to halt the progress of dangerous gender activists.

Until now, we’ve been on the defensive. And you’ve helped make a vital impact through your partnership with Binary already, with Senators Amanda Stoker and Pauline Hanson speaking out against gender activism in recent weeks.

But today, you have the opportunity to win the fight to protect children from sexualisation, and to enshrine parental rights in law while we can.

When you give today to help meet the $78,660 funding need, you’ll be…

  • Raising awareness through strategic online advertising.
  • Lobbying more politicians to speak out against the dangers of throwing biology out the window.
  • And, developing informative materials, uncovering the deceptive methods of gender activists in schools and public places.

The gender agenda is relentless, and you and I must match their tenacity.

So, please give generously today to fuel the fight – because 2020 is a turning point on this vital issue.

Thanks for your support!

Kirralie Smith
Binary Spokeswoman

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I acknowledge that donations made to Gender Awareness Australia Ltd are not tax-deductible.