Give now and be first in line to receive the roadmap for parents’ rights

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Give now and be first in line to receive the roadmap for parents’ rights

What do Australians really think about radical sex and gender programs in schools?

Will raising awareness about this issue change voters’ minds about which candidate or party they’ll support?

This is your chance to be the first to find out.

Very soon, Binary will be releasing the results from a major study conducted on Australian attitudes towards radical sex and gender programs in schools.

We interviewed more than 3,000 Australians to find out their views about this schools programs.

 The polling report provides a roadmap for how we will eventually see state and territory laws changed to give parents the right to have a say about what their kids are taught about sex and gender.

Your gift today is important because, by donating:

  • You will ensure our blogs, videos and online content will continue to inform hundreds of thousands of Australians every week
  • You will raise awareness amongst MPs about the dangers of radical gender ideologies with the production of briefing materials
  • You will put Binary on the front line of vigilance against the radical left who are always looking for ways to force their ideology on your kids and grandchildren.

So please give your best gift today, and when the polling report is finalised, I’ll email you a copy and you can be the first to see our roadmap to restoring parents’ rights. 

Kirralie Smith
Binary Spokeswoman