Foster kids given access to transgender treatments without their carer’s knowledge or consent.

A new bill in California will allow gender dysphoric kids to undergo treatment without the consent or knowledge of their foster carers. notes, “A six-year-old boy who is too young to buy cigarettes. Too young to buy beer. Too young to attend an R-rated movie. And is so young that if he committed a murder he would be released shortly because experts contend his brain is still developing.”

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith is concerned about the welfare of the foster children. “These kids are already vulnerable because of their family situation. To allow these children to undergo potentially irreversible medical treatments without the knowledge or consent of the foster carers is concerning,” she said. “Radical gender ideology is a social experiment with very serious medical consequences. These kids should not be used as a political footballs.”

Newsmax also quoted an ACP study which shows, “roughly 88 percent of gender dsyphoric girls and 98 percent of gender dysphoric boys will, if given time, go on to identify with their biological sex by late adolescence.”