There is a real challenge facing Australia as women’s sports have become the latest battleground in the fight against biological reality.

You and I know that women need a fair playing field where they can play safely and compete against one another.

But now, this foundation is being challenged by biological males, who identify as women, and who are now demanding a place in women’s competitions. 

And instead of listening to the concerns of the female athletes, who are worried about fairness and safety, the sporting associations are siding with the biological males and humiliating women by forcing them to play against biological males!

The result? 

The males are dominating the competitions and beating women at their own game. 

And in some competitions, female teams are being fined for forfeiting games where they know that biological males will dominate.

I’ve paid a high price for speaking up in defence of women’s sport. I’ve defended myself against five legal actions, and there are more on their way.

It’s time to fight back.

Your support for Binary’s end of financial year campaign is crucial in raising awareness about this urgent issue. 

By giving to Binary’s $162,000 end of financial year funding target, you’ll:

  • Help raise awareness about the threats to women’s sports by funding advertising campaigns and recruiting more supporters to Binary;
  • Put direct political pressure on politicians and sporting associations; and
  • Tell more Australians about this important issue.

Our girls are counting on us to ensure their future in sports is fair and safe.

Yours in celebrating men and women,

Kirralie Smith
Binary Spokeswoman

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